You are expecting or have had a baby? Then an exciting time is lying ahead of you.
For more than 25 years I have been accompanying expectant families in Otterfing, Holzkirchen, Sauerlach and surrounding areas with empathy and up-to-date knowledge. Before birth, I’m happy to welcome you into my office in Holzkirchen, after birth I’ll be coming to your place – daily at first, then according to  your needs for up to twelve weeks and longer.
In this phase of life it is especially important to be cared for lovingly, competently and reliably.
I take the time to answer your questions and respond to your individual needs. In doing so, I accompany you undogmatically on YOUR path into family life - from the very first moment.
The costs for general midwifery care are covered by the statutory health insurance funds

My services include:

Initial consultation and taking of medical history (reimbursed by the health insurance fund only once per pregnancy)
Prenatal classes (all classes in German))
HypnoBirthing classes
Breastfeeding classes
Post-partum care (home visits) as long and as often as necessary
Breastfeeding consultations
Weaning consultations
Postnatal excercise

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